coping with marriage problems

as the years pass, we change, our spouses will change…and our marriage will change. we may long for things to be “back how they were.” we might think back wistfully to the early and exciting days of our romance, when we could hardly stand to be apart for a day. stage 1—romantic love: this is the exciting, passionate love that we feel when first entering a relationship. stage 2—disillusionment and distraction: this is what happens after we’ve been together for a while. if we make it past that decision point in a positive way, we can get to a new and deeper stage of love. are you being realistic in what you expect from your spouse and your relationship? talk about what you want and hope for with your spouse and work things out so that no one is being asked to do things they can’t manage.

if you’re finding that things aren’t how you would like them to be between the two of you, consider what you yourself can change, rather than sitting back and expecting change from your spouse. with a firm commitment to each other, we can make it through the other side. learning to fight fair and to use conflict constructively can get the two of you through it. there may be some long-term issues that the two of you will continue to have conflict about for years—maybe even throughout your relationship. is there a moment in our day to sit down together and talk? the two of you can and will change over the years, but remembering to spend time together and reach out will keep the marriage strong. life together may change, but your commitment to and love for each other can remain a constant. smart couples is offering elevate, a fun, free, relationship enhancement class for couples, in florida counties across the state.

commit to your relationship honor and respect your partner communicate regularly share financial expectations give each other space work on every couple experiences marital problems—marriage ain’t easy! at the same time, spouses’ skills for dealing with relationship issues determine whether, .

, . 10 top strategies for solving marital problemscommunicate, communicate, communicate. recognize when you’re in a gridlock. express yourself constructively. break the curse of familiarity. make decisions together. acknowledge your spouse’s feelings. understand that it’s not a competition. keep a positive attitude.

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