communication struggles in relationships

what patterns of behaviour brought them to the surface, what do they look like, and what might be a way for couples to get through them? if one or both of you expresses a concern, and the only response you tend to get is denial or deflection, it’s hard to move forward, and couples will commonly feel at an impasse. being able to overlook things that really don’t matter in service of the big picture of what you have together is a huge relationship strength.

want to be one of those couples that can communicate more clearly with each other, once and for all? owning up to some of your own flaws or missteps is always more attractive and engaging, and models behaviour that your partner may then reciprocate. while most people don’t want to seek professional help as they believe that it’s a bad sign about the relationship in and of itself, nothing could be further from the truth. if there is deeper trouble afoot, then being able to talk more effectively will help you to look at that in safer and more productive ways.

1. yelling and screaming ; 2. apologizing too much ; 3. the silent treatment ; 4. speaking in absolutes ; 5. “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”. but the impact is always the same – struggling to communicate in a relationship begins to eat into your bond, slowly but surely. a partner may say “i love you” throughout the day then behave indifferently and unaffectionately. a partner may declare interest and concern about his/her mate, .

constantly criticizing one another. engaging in passive-aggressive behaviors. feeling like you can’t really talk to your partner. getting defensive when your partner tries to talk to you. , . these tips can help you foster more open and honest communication.process your feelings first. thinking about timing. start with ‘i’ statements and feelings. focus on being both being heard and listening. make compromising and resolution the goal. set clear boundaries. leave notes for your partner.

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