christian marriage advice for newlyweds

if you are just starting out as a married couple, now’s the time to invest in your relationship’s longevity. after all, as a couple who has been married for a while and within the christian faith, you have the unique opportunity to share with younger couples. even if your marriage has had challenges, or especially if that is the case, your life experience is valuable to those just starting out.whether you are a newlywed looking for encouragement or a potential mentor of such a couple, the following is helpful advice to get you started on the right pathway in this exciting venture: beyond anything else, a relationship with the lord is of paramount importance when it comes to the success of any marriage. there is really no way to even hope for a successful marriage if the marriage isn’t planted on the foundation of faith when both spouses have their own personal relationship with christ. communication is also important not only between the couple themselves but between each spouse and god.

however, there is great wisdom in holding your tongue, especially when it comes to a marriage relationship. it may be elementary, but this adage holds true, even in the context of a marital relationship. while it’s difficult to honor someone that you don’t respect, if there is a reason like lack of character or lack of a sense of responsibility, it’s important to honor their position as your spouse even if you don’t feel they are worthy of honor as an individual. the worst thing you can do in this scenario is to hold onto the fight, the hurt feelings, refusing to forgive your spouse when they have messed up. while reviewing and practicing the advice for christian newlyweds mentioned above will not ensure that you will not have any problems, they will increase your chances of staying together for the long haul.

today, i want to share eleven values that are foundational for a healthy marriage. we would have more marriages thriving, not barely surviving, if we put the same effort into a marriage that we put into dating. marriage is a gift from god to my husband and me. as a newlywed couple, create a foundation for where you want to go in your relationship with god – individually and as a couple. i am sure you have heard people say that the newlywed years are all sweet and sunshine. if you are the new couple who missed the sunshine bus, i want you to know you are normal* a healthy marriage is made up of more than mountaintop experiences. when you feel alone, or doubt your spouse’s commitment to your marriage, do not forget that god is for you.

one of the things that i have observed making the difference between healing and staying stuck in a crisis is the ability to look forward, not backward. now that is the place to invest in. at the bottom of that slide are comparison and discontentment. when i got married, people used to say that you could not wear the same clothes you used to wear as a single girl. i don’t mean to crush your heart but a time will come when the freshly-baked feelings of love will take on wings and fly away. in my book blues to bliss: creating your happily ever after in the early years, i have a whole chapter on communication where we talk about what good communication looks like and what to do when it is broken. excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to ngina otiende at intentional today with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

the key is to take hold of one, without letting go of the other. pursue holiness in your marriage with great vigor and pursue happiness in your you hear a lot of advice before you get married. “keep a date night.” “never go to bed angry.” “make your relationship the first priority.”. what advice do you give to newlyweds? remember god learn to communicate guard your marriage and keep things private honor your spouse., best marriage advice for newlyweds, best marriage advice for newlyweds, funny advice for newlyweds, christian marriage advice for wives, marriage advice for newlyweds speech.

the best christian marriage advice for young couples is to remember to talk to each other every day. in addition, make time outside of your kids to sit down and 1. choose to love each other even in those moments when you struggle to like each other. 2. always answer the phone when your husband/wife is, marriage advice for young couples, advice for engaged couples christian. christian marriage advicerealize that christian marriage is part of your discipleship. a christian marriage is between two disciples of the lord jesus christ. make your spouse your number one priority. evaluate and adjust your expectations.

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