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the libra woman is required to take a stand and show solidarity. she gives him the love and respect he craves for and introduces him to new prospects of life bringing joy and spark to his life. the relationship of libra woman and capricorn man has a few problems to be taken in consideration. for example i was born january 6th, and my friend born january 3rd, we have similar traits but differ also largely in certain behaviors.. so take of the specs of seeing a zodiac from one point, dates matter a lot to change the behavior of different people within same zodiac sign the other way round is also very true. he is a capricorn and i am a libra . he’s so strong and he listens to me i mean showin me affection is all about me and what i want . i love him so much we’ve been married 5 years but have been friends for forty years omg what a relationship i can say i’m very happy and blessed to have the man of my dreams even though he can be a bit much but he’s my much thank u again. why would a cap care enough that someone is taken care of and protected? my man can be very lazy,makes spontaneous decisions,and puts important things off which irritates me because i like things in order and i like to plan and think of the “what ifs”. i have to say having read some of the comments about how difficult such a relationship can be that i wondered if we were doing the right thing!! i am a libra woman, and i’m currently romantically involved with a capricorn man. i love that he is so masculine and takes care of all the boring things i hate doing. after the first week, he asked me to be his girlfriend which i declined as we are so new. i noticed that he was very distant to me and loyal to her, but she was not loyal to anyone. i have met a capricorn guy before and he had a way with words that caught me and ive found my boyfreind is exactly the same. he was wonderful, stable, a great listener, we had all the same things in common & he professed his love for me & my free ways. w/the understanding he is to stay away from me unless i come to him. i am the typical libra woman and he is the typical capricorn male. i dont get it because he is very loving and seems to have this really good understanding of how im feeling and expression when we are together and talking. and i know he is true to his word. he has never been affectionate-or expresses his feelings-but don’t know if that is because of his upbringing or the capricorn in him.

some of the things that are difficult: he does like work, and he is very much into climbing the ladder to get where he wants to be (that is definitely not what i am all about as a libran). the harvest full moon is my favorite full moon of the year…sent him a link to neil young’s ‘harvest moon’s, explaining that the harvest moon is my favorite of the year. i am a libra woman, and i’m currently romantically involved with a capricorn man. i realy believe hes the one for me we just have a lot of things to work on but i know well make it  i can truly relate to what you are saying because my relationship with my cap is a new one and i have never dated a cap before. but i have fallen in love with him and he has told me today for the first time after dating for less than a month that he loves me and wants us to spend our lives together. i am new to a capricorn man, but so far it has been the most incrediable experience of my life!! ok. i am 24 yr old south indian hindu gal and the guy i have issue with is 21 yr old a catholic from kerala. then i went to india for a month of vacation. and as i stepped outside, what i see is, he is sitting in his car next to my dads car, just seeing me leaving. but he is normally very friendly and helpful to everyone as i noticed. i know it will sound quite funny,but unfortunately astrology is not always true i’ve been married to a capriconian for about 25 years now and find him so dependable and he has always been ther for me, stood by me throughout my travails. whenever we have a disagreement, he is usually the one who apologizes first and promises to work to make things better and i happily accept. i have a cap boyfriend and we were friends first, this gave me a chance to see him for who he is and not what i want him to be. he is the first one to tell me he loves me and really mean it!!! i would reach out to him in everyway possible and for whatever reason he would return. he was quick to profess his love of me after we dated a month. and i do like that he is practical, but i do like to do fun things sometimes and its hard to drag him along, as it is a ‘waste of money’ or he is working etc. on that note i dealt with a man born on dec 23, he was my heart’s desire from the moment i laid eyes on him and partially continues to be which is kind of sad. the next day however i felt him pull back as i think he is afraid of the fact that he is friends with my ex husband even though my ex husband is in a relationship!!! i am a touchy/feely type of woman that is very expressive and i enjoy being a woman and i enjoy catering to the man that i love. i feel as though he understands me – and wishes to understand me – like no other man ever has.

a libra woman is a friendly, flirty woman. a capricorn man and libra woman both have a classy, urbane, and sophisticated demeanor. a capricorn man’s strength and silence intrigues a libra woman and gives her a burning desire to figure him out. a capricorn man is an old-fashioned, protective, and romantic guy who is drawn to everything about a feminine, sensual libra woman. when dating a libra woman and a capricorn man play well off one another and their time spent getting to know each other will be perfect for both. a libra woman is excited sexually by the strength and earthy sensuality of a capricorn man and the time they spend in bed will boost his ego in a way that makes him think he’s the best thing that ever happened to her.

a capricorn man and libra woman both want to get married, but both are slow to commit. challenges can be a gift in a capricorn man and libra woman’s relationship “if” they play off one another and allow each other to do what they do best. a capricorn man and a libra woman shouldn’t expect to agree on everything because there’s likely to be struggles and clashing agendas in their relationship. however, if they’re willing to compromise and allow each other to be who they naturally are, theirs can be a dynamic partnership. each birth chart consists of a sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, seven planets, 12 houses, and all 12 signs. relationship astrology, also known as synastry, involves the comparison of two astrological charts and is great for people who want to examine their relationship.

the sexual relationship of libra woman and capricorn man is a blend of air and earth which is indefinable the first or second time as is their initial main a capricorn man and libra woman both have a classy, urbane, and sophisticated demeanor. both are appearance-conscious and want to make a good first impression. when a libra and a capricorn partner fall in love, things will depend greatly on their timing. if they meet when they are open for each other’s emotional, capricorn man libra woman reddit, capricorn man libra woman reddit.

the libra woman is more optimistic in her approach towards things whereas the capricorn man is a bit pessimistic. but this makes capricorn and libra a great couple as he can learn to be more positive in life and she can guide him to be more forthcoming. a capricorn typically doesn’t play games with romance. libras tend to be pretty flirtatious and take things lightly, which usually isn’t going you may be asking yourself if capricorn men and libra women have success in love. to answer this question quickly, i want to say that it is the libra and capricorn love match starts out with a quick connection. all it takes is a few social, .

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