black marriage counseling

do you ever feel like you and your partner are never on the same page and wonder if you’ve lost your connection to that person? “i feel like my partner doesn’t understand me, it feels like we are not speaking the same language.” have you experienced a situation in your relationship that you are struggling to move past? “i just can’t seem to get over what they did, i want to forgive, but i don’t know how.” so many things can happen that impact our relationship and life changes can really push the relationship off track. we often spend so much effort in avoiding problems until the idea of putting it all on the table to a perfect stranger can seem petrifying. everyone wants their relationship with their partner to be strong and healthy and so what do we do if it feels like, despite our best efforts, we just cannot get there on our own. we work with couples to improve not only their communication with one another but to also help them get clarity around the goals that they have for their relationship. we often find that once we focus on the emotions that it becomes easier to feel empathy for our partner and that this emotional connection increases intimacy.

often, we see that the page that each person is on in their relationship isn’t as far from their partner as they may have thought. we help couples to attain the goals that they both have for their relationship and as a result, we can strengthen these relationships so that they are reinforced and stronger moving forward. if it feels like someone in the relationship is seeking that support elsewhere or that the relationship feels adversarial, this may be an indication that couples counseling may be helpful. many times couples benefit from the skills and strategies that they learn to improve their communication and strengthen their connection. this is not uncommon for one person to initiate couples counseling and the other person just seems like they are along for the ride. it is important for both people to be invested in therapy regardless of who initiates the treatment. sometimes it is the best decision for the relationship to end. the therapist can help the couple find ways to end their relationship amicably and in a way that is respectful of the connection that they once had.

trained at northwestern university’s the family institute, i have focused on creating a safe space to explore the intense and richly rewarding dynamics of interpersonal relationships. i am a licensed clinical social worker and certified trauma family professional specializing in treatment of trauma and trauma-related symptoms. i am a licensed clinical social worker, and i am the primary clinician for dobbins clinical consulting. i primarily work with individuals who experience depression and anxiety with a cultural focus in my work. i specialize in marriage and family therapy and work with adolescents, adults, and couples to address a host of concerns. her passion is in helping individuals to improve their lives and their relationships with others and she has a particular interest in serving the needs of women of color. i am a relational therapist that works with couples, families and individuals from a relational perspective.

i specialize in working with relationship issues, couples therapy and marital counseling, and transition to parenthood issues. as a licensed clinical psychologist, i enjoy working with individuals who are on a path of self-exploration and growth or who wish to create lasting change. kirk also has worked for a counseling agency as a hud therapist and more recently worked in chicago public schools as a contracted mental health therapist. i have years of experience working in a local hospital er and as a pediatric social worker. i am a licensed social worker with experience serving communities of color, families, adolescents and children, homeless populations and hiv+ individuals. i use solution-focused and narrative therapies along with mindfulness to empower clients in their healing. i have also worked with families to help them handle the transition from couple to parents as smoothly as possible.

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