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searching for a black therapist shouldn’t feel like a guessing game. scanning an insurance directory for culturally black names is how i ended up with a white therapist named tamera. now, there are directories like therapy for black girls, zencare, ayana therapy and beam’s virtual therapist network that list black counselors so you can find the teletherapy you need during this pandemic. we’re at war with covid-19 and essence is giving you the resources you need to fight this battle! brought to you by @walmart and @aarp. sullivan provides therapy for frontline essential workers at a cost of $30 or less per session.

if you’re looking to pay a flat fee for therapy each month, ayana therapy is an option. this initiative, spearheaded by founder taraji p. henson, requires that you fill out an application with the name of a preferred therapist in your state that is listed in the foundation’s resource guide. “they relaxed a lot of the rules right now, so you can actually go on the website and apply whereas before you would have to go to a social services office and show proof of income.” in a time where virtual therapy is mandatory, insurance companies like blue cross blue shield are waiving co-pays for in-network teletherapy. sullivan also feels that the quest for a therapist should begin with contacting your insurance. as a community, we are surrounded by immense grief and loss due to covid-19 and that can heighten the stress of searching for a therapist. essence may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

how scary when that connection forms the nucleus of our families. in this perfect storm of unstable roles caused by devastating economic losses,  poor communication and conflicting role expectations,  black counselors & therapists are being consulted more than ever. black relationships are being turned upside down by the shift of economic power to women due to high unemployment among black men. you should not expect the therapist to be a referee or to judge right and wrong. it is instead learning how to listen to your partner for the keys to understanding him or her. your therapist has studied the science of relationships, personality, the psyche and communication.

he or she will analyze the mechanics of your relationship to determine what works well and what needs changing. in addition, the key to forming a strong new family unit is to restructure your relationships with your families of origin. you should expect a knowledgeable provider to listen closely and objectively to you and your partner, to guide the sessions so that the source of your problems becomes clear and the steps to change are identified. most providers would encourage each person to  speak their concerns in front of the other. you should not expect the provider to limit you to a small number of sessions that seems inconsistent with the complexity of your problems. if you and your partner have a concern about your therapy you should bring it into the session for discussion rather than assume the provider is not willing to change  some aspects of the process to meet your needs more effectively. if one of you has individual stressors or history that causes you to be unable to tolerate or participate in suggestithat forhelping the marriage, your provider may refer you for individual therapy.

black couples relationship and marriage counseling could be the help you need to improve, save, strengthen, & grow your relationship. browse our extensive directory of the best black and african american and african american psychologists and black and african american counselors near you. find the right black and african american therapist in oregon – ceshaun hankins photo of halle m thomas, marriage & family therapist associate in oregon., .

dr. abrams and i chatted all about couples counseling! she shared how she works with couples using eft, emotionally focused therapy, black couples counseling online is an excellent solution for african american couples who don’t want to compromise on finding the perfect therapist for them. now, there are directories like therapy for black girls, zencare, ayana therapy and beam’s virtual therapist network that list black counselors, .

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