arranged marriage story

i was determined to break the mould. i must have had ‘loser detector’ on my forehead – i was a magnet for time wasters and guys who wanted more than i was willing to give. he had always been considerate of my feelings, and i knew i was getting a level of support some of my relatives hadn’t. i trusted them implicitly – but i was nervous as hell the first time i was to meet up with ‘the one’.

from the outset, he was a ‘yes man’, agreeing with me on every question i asked, and he accepted that i had a past. he was a great guy and the more we got to know one another, i felt that we were two peas in a pod with the same values and goals for life after that initial meeting, we were permitted to meet alone on a number of occasions. he was a great guy and the more we got to know one another, i felt that we were two peas in a pod with the same values and goals for life. over a decade into the marriage and i still didn’t feel it, until one summer when  i fell seriously ill. i was constantly tired, too exhausted to even look after my kids, and in a lot of pain. love, or something like it is a regular series for, covering everything from mating and dating to lust and loss, to find out what love is and how to find it in the present day.

i have always kept my arranged marriage a secret, it’s not often you find someone in the united states who would understand. as we grow, we slowly gain responsibility and power of our own lives. we can begin to dress ourselves, decide the kinds of clothes and styles we like. and when this decision is made for you, as a child, the damages are unparalleled. not wanting to tell anyone how me and my husband came to be. we have a family now. who could possibly understand, that we grew up in a religious cult and were told at the ages of 15 that we were to marry each other? we were just like everyone else in our commune, our partners were picked for us by the elders. not as a child, who is trained to fear god and authority. marrying each other meant we got to stay in the community, with our parents and families.

our choices were to obey, or disobey and suffer the wrath. i wanted to leave and have experiences. i was told if i wanted to stay in the commune, i had to marry my partner. i had no family outside the commune, and i loved my family very much. we had always been friends, and we bonded over the obscurity of our lives. after years of therapy, we have begun to rebuild our lives outside the cult. but the fact remains that we didn’t have a choice in the biggest adult decision either of us would ever make. we have struggled greatly over the years. one that has come from the hardships i have endured. discovering their website, and speaking with their mentors has helped me to take steps i never thought i could take. my strategy has been to hide, shield myself, blend in amongst the crowds, and keep my history to myself.

the path of two heartbroken persons cross by a marriage arranged by their parents. they both heal their broken hearts together, showering each other with love i married him because he was suitable, it was practical and he ticked a lot of boxes, writes one anonymous woman in an arranged marriage. getting married meant we were doing the right thing. we had seen what happened to people who didn’t marry their arranged mate. they were screamed at, ostracized, .

met my husband on the 9th, agreed to marry him on the 15th, and [we] were wed on the 20th. literally said about two words to each other, and that was with five we were in a long distance relationship on two opposite sides of the country. he visited me twice. i am 19 years old and when i tell people i’m “i was in love with a girl pretty much my whole life. we were really close and eventually decided to get married after almost 3 years of dating. it all felt, .

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