aquarius man taurus woman compatibility

he is very friendly and happy to help kind of a person. the aquarius man though loves to be in a relationship and he definitely admires his taurus woman but he has a certain amount of unpredictability that makes it difficult to effectively plan for a lifetime with him. my boyfriend is aquarius and i’m taurus and i love the match. i’m a taurus that doesn’t like other taurus most of the time so i can’t relate to the others that commented. in all honesty and this might sound a bit rude and i truly dont mean it to be,but is there the slightest chance that your birthdate is wrong? it got to the point where all he did was show me his emotions because we were so comfortable, and i loved it. he shows he when we’re togther, but i would like to hear it once in a while. i have stood up to him in the past and this has only served to grow his respect for me. i sometimes leave a room if it is just the two of us in it, all because of being afraid of betraying my feelings for him and not wanting him to see me as being vulnerable. he gets distant and cool, the questions are relentless and he does not speak to me for a while. i think i’m crushing on an aquarius boy and we go to the same school now but when we go to highschool next school year we’ll be in different schools. so we broke up and of course when us tauruses love we love hard .. so i was hurt for a long time and that was it this same thing happened to me . i am impressed that you have managed 7 years with an aquarius and i would love to have a sounding board. you either need to locate the gate and walk in or you need to a blow a hole in it to get further in. i cannot wait to get married..i am 36 i am a taurus woman and my dob is 5-4.  i read so much about we bull women and i would love to tell you some things to think about for a taurus woman. we work and help pay the bills…we should have the same help in the house work. i think the aqaurius taurus relationship is possible if the two people really know and care about eachother and are patient and willing to learn/change. but this love with a aquarium is the strongest one of our zodiac signs that we love in a complete complex way. the only thing i find that we truly have a big difference with is planning financially. i would know what to say to get him upset yet i would never say it; i was never the type to give war a room in my house.. i worked so hard to ensure that he was ok. i made the relationship very fun and all because taurus women are very adventurous so are aquarius.

he wanted to be with me but i told him i was already in relationship. the bro asked me why my ex said that and i told him idk and that he wouldn’t talk to me. we are not into horoscope’s stuff, but ithought it would be fun to read… some of the stuff is dead on and some, not as much. we are best friends and i love him to death but it is a horrible union. because of this i have been putting off marriage because i feel like it will turn into a divorce as i am so ready to walk away most of the time because the relationship seems so cold and wrong. i am 19 years taurus and i am in a relationship with aquarius guy. i try to change myself for him and everything is going perfect…!! he is giving me what i need and all of what i want. our intimacy was awesome after i showed him how to love me…ladies the a man likes to see you dance just for him….that did the trick and after that he was showing me new things. if i could turn back time i would have never dated him and that way we would be best of friends. i am a taurus and i was in a two year relationship before i realized i was so unhappy. i always tried to run as far as i can from him and i think the same for him. i want to know him for rest of my life, and the relationship is just too selfish thing to me. i am a taurus born on may 19. my boyfriend is aquarius born on feb 1. we are 100% madly, truely in love and cannot wait to start a family! we don’t have jealousy with each other and he is equally possessive of me as i am of him. well, let’s see how or if a relationship pans out i am a taurus woman and i have been in love with the same aquarius man for 3 years, but. we have been married for a while, and recently, she decided to divorce me. most of the time though she is very selfish and likes to talk down to me. we are in the relationship for five years and we are about to get married. i wish you the best, bt if you having doubts mate, save yourself a lot of heartache and do what you need to do.

love at first sight is a distant vision for the aquarius man and the taurus woman; they are not even attracted to each other. the taurus woman is a perfect mix of humor and stubbornness. the taurus woman is somewhat of a homebody and has to adapt to the ever-active aquarius man so as to achieve that perfect balance as a couple. when a taurus woman seeks peace, her partner, the aquarius man, will be primed for excitement, so it is almost difficult to come to a conclusion where the wishes of both are fulfilled. the taurus woman can bring stability in the life of an aquarius man, while the aquarius can provide some excitement and fun in the life of a taurus woman. the taurus is usually organized, patient and stable, they are ideal characteristics to be a wife and mother.

it may happen that by the time the taurus woman has adjusted to a situation, her aquarius man is ready to move on to the next adventure. they will be the strength and the guide to each other for the rest of their lives. the aquarius man is truly unique and we are so well together. of course he is kind and compassionate, but he himself does not know what he wants, he is always in the clouds. one is a traditionalist and the other is an anti-conformist, one is anxious to start a family and the other is a lover of freedom, one is domestic and the other always wants to be out of the house. on the other hand, aquarius has the tendency to go against the norms and defend a more progressive and contemporary approach. anyway, if there is a true love and both pretend that the relationship works, they should strive to rearrange their differences.

as taurus woman learns to accept her aquarius man’s flighty nature and he grows a bit more stable, their love turns out to become sweeter and smoother. the air although taurus and aquarius could complement each other perfectly, they will rarely stay together for long enough to recognize their creative strength when the aquarius man appreciates the independence and individuality of the taurus woman and will never create a scandal if his partner is more successful than him., taurus woman aquarius man sexually, taurus woman aquarius man sexually, taurus and aquarius in bed, aquarius man taurus woman soulmates, aquarius man taurus woman famous couples.

the aquarius man compatibility with taurus woman is an exceptional and an unusual love entanglement. the taurus woman is someone who is naturally inclined towards romance and love. for her, the idea of two opposite sex being together, invokes feeling of togetherness and senusality. the taurus woman in love has a strong set of morals, and the aquarius man has a fixed collection of ideas. if brought together, they can create a dynamic the aquarius man and the taurus woman are quite the mix. there will be a whole lot of lovin’ going on although aquarius man and taurus woman are different from one another, they have the potential to turn into a happy learn-term relationship. the, aquarius man attracted to taurus woman, aquarius man and taurus woman marriage, aquarius man and taurus woman long term compatibility, taurus woman aquarius man cons.

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