aquarius man libra woman compatibility

he is more than likely marry more than once in his lifetime, but when aquarius man finds the right one he is faithful and loyal to her. she tries to pull aquarius man to her side and her ideals and he seems to go along with what she wants him to do in the beginning, but then shows her that his views are the actual ‘right’ views and he stays grounded on the whole situation. the love of libra woman and aquarius man is like the sun that warms them when they are cold and detached. he sees his libra woman, then, as selfish and childish when she can’t deal with the objectionable and he is quick to point that out to her. we early aq are extremely caring and want to show that side of ourselves however i would bet most girls in the 20-30 range find that a turnoff,, this is only because they don’t understand how meaningful it really is. when an aquarius guy or girl makes the decision that you are a couple thats it, one decision and done. i am not saying we somther you, just we spend a lot of time with you at the beginning to see if you are even remotely compatible with us. we are not like any other sign you have dated and that can be a good thing if you understand what you are in for. but if you are looking for someone that will be faithful and your rock then a aquarius is a good choice. we do have moral a compass so despite what the last aquarius said, we do care but we do like to be dominant and make sure you know it in several different ways. once the aq man can accept that a women can have similar needs… he will have true love and less of a controlling one. libras are selfish and vain and want attention but learn not to expect this from your aquarius man especially at the beginning stages of your romance. and i know libra women are marriage type and being together forever with someone they love but you have to be sure this aquarius guy is thinking like you or not. he tried to bribe her with money to stay and things that a libra isn’t about. it’s so wonderful when we talk over the phone, or in person is even stronger, i’ve seen her have some really dramatic relationships with others but with me as an aquarius man i seem to understand her and she feels very calm, like she can open up to talk with me. i had been in love with a libra male for 8 years, he finally agreed to us dating after him being a single father for years. i am so grateful for this aquarians presence in my life but i am still in love with my libra even after being seperated.this aquarius male has turned my life upside down and makes me feel like i am the only woman that has ever ignited this passion for him . he reminded me in his own way that friends are ok but he is my king and what can i say, he right about that in more ways than one!

he has a certain way of masculine yet gentle dominance that i crave and can see myself easily submit to him. my sag has worked so hard to gain my love and trust and be the man i need that i owe it to him and our love not to up and bounce. he was the cutest and the coolest dude that all the girls wanted but i wasn’t attracted to him like that ever until he invited me to his sisters wedding as his date #2 lol but we were friends then and it was a great time. i am an aquarius man and i fall in love with libra girl. we shared our relationship for 3 years and we broke up now.libra girls are perfect for an aquarius guys because they know how to balance things in a right way.i found libra girls way more demanding in emotional sphere.she loved me a lot and helped me with lot of things that i can’t even imagine.she is nicest and the perfect girl i’ve ever met. while that being said, he does have  a way of making me feel unwanted, i guess you can say i do appreciate alot of praise to make me feel loved and he just wouldn’t really. but i feel the gal whom i love is the best one for me nt those with whom i flirt. i m ready to marry her in a single piece of cloth. mad funny because there was this guy i went to school with and we had mad chemi, found out he was a aqua! he makes me laugh and tries to keep me smiling, and i can’t help but to do the same. so in may, i believe, i gave him my number just to text, and i was not aware that his cell phone was off and that he was using a texting app. at that moment i thought he was goodlooking and has a sense of humor,so i gave him the number. other you but it does to me cuz whereever we go out, i pay for everythin and even buy him clothes. i am a aquarius man.two weeks ago i met a libra is amazing how compatible we are.i have not slept with her yet but i am sure there will be fireworks.i am almost sure she will be my first and only wife at the age of 53. she is guatemalan,i am black.i love being with her. okay, well i have a friend that is aquarius and he is nice to converse with. because he kept saying that i was his soulmate and i’m going to be his wife really soon. i am a libra woman and have been in an on again off again relaitonship with an aquarius man for a little under three years. he z a cheater, my aquarius and i were seperated for a few years because of work and going through many other stresses.

a libra woman is considered one of the most romantic souls in the entire zodiac. together in the relationship, the aquarius man learns the importance of expressing his emotions and does not run away from them and the libra woman learns to be more independent. if you are dissatisfied with a particular decision, you quickly move on to the next and so on until you find something that is completely satisfactory. both a libra woman and an aquarius man have different views on different things, but they are also capable of committing to each other, resulting in a serene relationship. a relationship in bed is not that important to both of them, but they also thoroughly enjoy sex. the aquarius man will be delighted with her wit and the libra woman will fall in love with his intelligence and intellect.

gaining the trust of the environment of your love serves to get to know each other better and they can also help you solve problems because who better than them to know exactly what may be happening to your partner in a certain problematic moment? i agree with all the previous comments, my aquarius man is irresistibly handsome and tall, a gentleman. my aquarius is the most talented and kind person. the affinity between libra and aquarius is ideal for a lasting friendship, while for love there may be some contradiction: after a great passion boredom can arise. although after a while, the game will be over; then libra will be moody and aquarius will be obfuscated in the face of his partner’s misunderstanding. i’m always the one in control, and so far it’s worked out great for me!

overall, the compatibility between aquarius man and libra woman is smooth and well bonded especially mentally and physically, emotionally they are freer libra and aquarius both belong to the element of air, and they will usually fall in love fast, get together fast and in many cases – break up fast. both a libra woman and an aquarius man have different views on different things, but they are also capable of committing to each other, resulting in a serene, aquarius man libra woman reddit, aquarius man libra woman reddit.

both, an aquarius man and a libra woman are known as sociable and friendly people. thus their group of friends would mostly remain large and neither would get bored when not in the company of each other. next, libra and aquarius have a good sense of humor and laugh when things may not be going their way. an aquarius man likes so much in a libra woman as they are a highly compatible pairing. they like a libra woman’s calm and easy-going approach to life. an aquarius man and a libra woman will have a wonderful sex life. both of them need intellectual stimulation in order to feel attraction, and aquarius man + libra woman this aquarius and libra couple will be on the same page with intellect, shared values, and trust. they both value a good mental, .

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