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the topic at hand is adult breastfeeding and how it relates to dating in the world today. the abf community is very small, and you usually can’t just ask a regular date to whip out her boobs for dessert. the adultfriendfinder network has a large and reputable community, with over 80 million members, so you’re sure to find someone that matches your interests. if you’re the type of person that dreams of breastfeeding, dreams of milk will be a site you enjoy. joining is super easy and it looks like the makers of the site took the time to make it look nice too, which is a great bonus.

just like most other dating sites, you sign up, give some basic information, and the algorithm of the site plays matchmaker to find you a date. from health purposes to sexual kinks, whatever reason you want to suckle a woman, you’ll find a dating site that matches your needs. take action, give one a try and get to the tit sucking fun! fetlife: this site covers everything under the sun, a lot of abf/anr groups, but you can’t search profiles to find someone specifically for that, the site doesn’t have the search capabilities as a dedicating dating site, so it’s sort of hit or miss finding someone in your area. and to find one that not only wants the anr but the “r” as well, makes it even worse.

now i have heard of everything! too flashy, looks like it’s full of fakes. it even says on the front page “photos used are of models, not real site members” !!! dreams of milk … good site, free to post personals to find a partner, but there is a big delay before it appears (moderation?). i wouldn’t pay the $15 fee to join as a member, there’s no need, the free personals are good enough. abfheaven … good site, free to use. nice maps showing all the site members locations (in the us, the uk and europe).

land of milk and honey … i joined this site 3 years ago, paid $10 fee, what a disappointment. very few users, very difficult to navigate. no reply, no response. … good site, free to use. looks like it’s been around for a while, so lots of users. lots of spam posts in the forums. beware of the abf singles site, they will draw you in and get you to pay their member fee. beware of this fake admin site!

our anr/abf, breast admiration/worship social community website has like-minded people – all looking to find their special relationship. the site is for exclusive lasting relationships in the anr/abf area. if you need a more bonded and more intimate erotic lactation for those seeking an adult breastfeeding or adult nursing relationship (abf/ anr), this is the perfect place to find your partner., .

know of any anr/abf dating sites, if so name them and what you think anr/abf stands for: a nursing relationship/adult breast feeding the best anr/abf adult breastfeeding / adult nursing relationship community & dating platform on the internet. dreams of milk is a community devoted to couples and singles alike that wish to experience the benefits and intimacy of the anr/abf lifestyle., .

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