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in ‘what makes you tick’ i get the chance to pick the brains of some inspirational people from all walks of life, in the hope that by sharing ideas we can continue to progress, push our limits, and inspire each other. i find it easy to speak in front of large groups and being in and around large groups of people, which is obviously a large aspect of coaching; you have to be standing in front of people and communicating. my parents have just been married for 50 years, and i was very fortunate to witness a deep love, and a great respect that my parents have for each other, and the importance of communication; that’s been a big thing for me to witness, and i’ve been very lucky in that regard. and then of course discipline, it was a disciplined home and like i said before a very disciplined schooling system and that has certainly helped me to be able to do the things i’ve been doing, and to stay self-disciplined. i think the big thing for me is really learning to get to know the person in front of you and building a relationship with them first, you can’t direct if you can’t connect. a lot of coaches go in with a toolbox filled with techniques of how they’re going to fix the technical skills or physical attributes or whatever it may be, but as i previously said it’s important that they know you care, and they need to trust you first.

for me one of the most important things in life are the people you surround yourself with, and the environment you create around you, and that’s something i look at in a team because if you don’t have the right people, you’re not going to be able to build a culture that can go on to achieve long-term success. there’s a big difference between motivation and purpose because motivation is fleeting; you can wake up in the morning and not feel like doing something but your purpose drives you to get up and get going. i believe goals are incredibly important to keep you disciplined and on the right path, everyone needs goals to keep them on the path towards success; you need to have a destination in mind, you need to know where you’re going. when i was growing up immersed in sports, if you were to say to people that you were going to be a coach, they would put it down as a profession and say, ah, it doesn’t make a lot of money. i think for young people it’s good to work in a variety of different jobs, experience different fields, get out there and meet people, and get busy. it was funny i was reading an article on the plane yesterday, and it was describing what you should do if you get caught in a riptide out in the ocean. i hope my legacy will show that i have fulfilled my purpose, which is to leave an impact on people’s lives, and to leave the world in a slightly better place than i’ve found it.

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