How do you train for chess

one of the most important aspects of the life of every chess player with a bit of ambition is training. if you have a coach or colleague to train with, the process can become more easy-going and fun. in this article, you’ll find 10 training methods that you can use in your training routine. as you will understand, we’ll skip the names to not betray their confidentiality. however, you would not believe how good it is for your chess abilities. most study composers were also strong players with a passion for beauty in chess and great imagination. try the best to do it accurately, without losing your concentration and by keeping a clear picture of each position in mind. your games are the black box of your chess. everything you need to know is right there. you must learn from them and seek improvement.

for example, now that you have read the theory of how to use the bishop pair, set up the board with a typical pawn structure or even the 8 pawns and play a game with the two bishops versus bishops and knight and start sharpening your skills. a moderated amount of blitz, online or over the board, can help you keep sharp. be aware, an overdose of blitz can literally destroy your chess thinking and turn you into a superficial player with very little chances of survival in longer time controls. by paying attention to the decisions made and trying to understand the moves played you will be able to do the same thing in your own games. this is one way to improve your visualization and calculation skills. just like doing it with one’s own games, you can learn from other players as well. it may be even easier for you to be more critic and objective analyzing other’s play than your own. try playing your lines by heart over the board, maybe you’ll find out that you need to memorize better. the foundations are essential if you want to build into a strong chess player. you would be missing a lot. with this, we finish the training list and we hope you will find it useful for creating your own training plan.

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