How do you become an art preparator

preparator – a word made up by museum professionals many years ago, that is widely accepted as a job title by most institutions world-wide. the museum preparator is a multifaceted, multi-skilled occupation. the job of a preparator is rarely the same on a daily basis. preparators are responsible for the installation and de-installation of museum exhibitions, which usually includes the deconstruction and construction of walls, packing objects to be shipped to a new location, unpacking of incoming objects, and arranging for a new installation.

there are always a variety of issues that arise that a preparator must be “prepared” to handle on a daily basis. it is not uncommon for a preparator to be called on to utilize their carpentry, electrical, audio/video installation, and welding/brazing skills to make mounts for the display of small to very large scale pieces. most of the preparator’s work is done behind-the-scenes and often after hours in closed gallery spaces, back room workshops, and storage facilities. a good place to start if you are interested in learning more about this occupation and what a preparator does is the preparation, art handling, collections care information network.

it is wise, though, for anybody opting to choose this professional path to become familiar with a broad range of skills, the primary qualifications for becoming a preparator depend on the museum but usually include a degree in art and *a job as an art preparator falls under the broader career category of museum technicians and conservators., art preparator salary, art preparator salary, museum preparator salary, art preparator job description. [u’ How To Become An Art Preparator. Most archivist, curator, and conservator positions require a master\’s degree related to the position\’s field. Museum technicians must have a bachelor\’s degree. People often gain experience through an internship or by volunteering in archives and museums.

the preparator works with museum curators, registration, and other related staff additional skills and requirements:. an art handler, also sometimes called an art preparator, is a trained individual who works directly with objects in museum technicians and conservators. restore, maintain, or prepare objects in museum collections,

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