Can you paddle board in lockdown

it looked like the perfect socially distant activity, especially compared with the bustling parks and river paths near where i live. early july has become the earliest delivery date for boards right now.’ he continues: ‘at the start of lockdown our orders really snowballed with the combination of people wanting to get outside and the good weather. we are at least 300% up on regular sales.’ as i am fortunate enough to live near the river thames, i signed up for a lesson at the west london paddle board company active360. my instructor, paul, asks me how i feel about falling in the thames before we have even started the lesson. after a shaky start, it’s not before long that i am standing up on the board and paddling away, albeit rather tentatively. i can see why the activity is thought of as very mindful and relaxing. the experience must be one of the best ways to enjoy the river scenery, including the seals (!)

if you are able to get on the water during these times, you’ll know what i’m talking about.’ i can completely understand the appeal after my first lesson and am eager to get out on my board again. however, there are some restrictions to ensure that paddlers and other river users are safe. as the thames is a tidal river, make sure to check conditions before you go and enter the river at a safe spot and time. you will need a licence to paddle on canal & river trust and environment agency waterways, as well as the norfolk broads. paddle boards are not particularly cheap, though the activity will probably work out as less expensive than a long term gym membership. but paddle boards can run up to a price of £1,500 and sellers warn that cheap ones are at risking of bending. returnees are then charged £45 for a two hour lesson.

to go paddleboarding you need water, right?! not necessarily! with a bit of imagination you really can paddle anywhere! with the current lockdowns in place a how to stand up paddle board safely in london and the rest of the uk safely during lockdown. jim brooks owns the puravida boardriders surf and board shop in penarth and runs the local paddle-, .

can we go paddleboarding in level 4 lockdown? the government has said that exercise is permissible, so is sup an a two-day paddleboarding course teaches all levels how to stay safe in the open ocean – and is a,

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