Are traders eligible for MSME

guaranteed emergency credit will be available for retailers and other businesses too even if they are not registered as micro, small and medium enterprises (msme), a senior finance ministry official said. cait estimates that during first 40 days of lockdown, these traders incurred loss of over rs 5.50 lakh crore and it is expected to rise despite relaxation in trading activities post may 17 in many parts of the country. “first presentation of atmanirbhar bharat mentioned rs 3 lakh crore collateral-free automatic loans for businesses, including msmes. in its meeting on may 22,the cabinet approved guaranteed emergency credit line (gecl) facility to enable additional funding of rs 3 lakh crore.

since then, a press release issued post cabinet meeting mentioned facility to be made available to ‘eligible msmes and interested mudra borrowers,’ there were some issues related to traders (both retailer and wholesalers) as june 2017 office memorandum of msme ministry mentioned eight activities including wholesale and retail trade “would not be included in the manufacture or production of goods or providing or rendering of services in accordance with section 7 of the micro, small and medium enterprise development act, 2006.” in other words, wholesale and retail trade will not be categorised as msme, thus making things difficult for these businesses to avail benefit. the official, quoted above, mentioned that department of financial services (dfs) is finalising details of gecl facility which will help eligible businesses to avail guaranteed emergency credit. interest rates under the scheme will be capped at 9.25 per cent for banks and fis, and at 14 per cent for nbfcs. loan will be provided for four years with moratorium of one year on the principal amount. the scheme would be applicable to all loans sanctioned under new facility during the period from the date of announcement of the scheme to october 31, or till an amount of rs 3 lakh crore is sanctioned under the gecl, whichever is earlier.

no, the trader is not eligible to get msme certificate because the msme act 2006 covers only manufacturing and eligible borrowers should have annual turnover up to rs 100 crore, exposure to bank credit. to look in to their demand to include traders under msme sector, as service providers. traders registration as msme’s – possible soon ?? including traders as msmes, including cotton spinning in the eligibility list of interest subvention scheme,., are traders eligible for msme registration, benefits of msme, benefits of msme, msme act, retail trade under msme.

a. no. msme covers only manufacturing and service industries. trading companies are not covered by msme loan for traders is eligible applicable for trading company from manufacturer, service provider., msme companies, msme sector, msme compliance, msme revised limits

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